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...the musician, the motivator, the political mind.

Poetic Expressions... Random Blurbs, Thoughts and Tweets...

My Inner Muse

Words. They are inadequate at portraying an accurate depiction of your beauty...they are but a mere glimpse, imperfect, yet still an advance toward expressing what the gods gifted to the earth on your birth. Her essence sprays upon the cosmos with every step like beams radiating from freedom's torch...Liberating. With every breath in her presence your heart is scorched as an eternal reminder of having encountered her countenance. Her ambiance breaths life into your ambition and confirms your purpose and place in this world, for the absence of her attention would surely bring you sorrow. You too should be so blessed to identify yourself in such a way. Stare, do stare into your own reflection as I AM she who plays the lyre to my own poetic impulses.

Electric Disposition

Survive the storm only to die by an airborne epidemic, where's the clinic? Packing my bags trying to find another way so my triumph will be endemic of positivity and put on display, electric in nature, rise, watch me arise to my feet and conquer the dreams that I seek. Guarded with knowledge, I'll protect them to the end and any threat I'll slew them as I ascend to higher heights invisibly crawling out of the abyss. See me rise? No, the heart of a dreamer, you can't touch what you do not know exists. Guarded, yes I guard my dreams with the knife of transition, never showing the enemy my position, only to emerge after I accomplish the mission.


I am: human, a believer in all things positive, a possessor of an identity shaped by God, a holder of a complex future written by my maker and executed by me.

I am: impatient with the impatient.

I am: motivated, driven and armed with resolute determination.

I believe: in hope, a dreamer, a motivator, a musical mind.

I want: to view the world from a window seat planted beside the greatest story teller on a long flight to Knowledge.

I am: a verbal rambler.


I love: music and believe that is speaks volumes even when played on the lowest frequency.

I love: beauty and find it in the more simple things in life.

I appreciate: my family and friends because they were given to me as gifts.

I choose: to live in the now, be thankful for every opportunity given, and avoid derailment, delay, or separation from my destiny.

I am: a constant dreamer.

-------I am: Stephanie Fillyaw 

- "We are never too old to learn lessons, and never too far gone to follow our dreams, as long as we are humble enough to take one step after another."

-"I barely snorkel on the "surface" except for leisure."

-"My birth was NOT haphazard! It was ordained and I was given a PURPOSE and equipped with necessary traits accordingly."

-"My how the tables turn, the willows burn, the cauldrons churn, and the weeping surrogates search for their words, their moment, their say in the hell that has befallen us this day. ---so much tragedy today :(" -Norway attacks.

-"Melodic fusions, mental intrusions, audible murmurs of the life we're choosin, hearts we're brusin', games we're losin', love we're pursuing to fill the void we're proving. No conclusion."

- "Do NOT confuse nationalism with patriotism...or alienation, arrogance and stubbornness with service to our country either for that matter!"

- "Has it ever occurred to anyone that what our culture defines as freedom may not be defined as such for others? It may even be bondage. If you ask people what they want, regardless of culture or location, most say that they simply want certainty, peace and good education for their children. So the question becomes: How can u seek to GIVE something when u haven't ASKED what is needed or desired? I think this is where we've missed the mark in our democratic endeavors."

-"We float ourselves because no one else will. We craft the elixir to facilitate the heal..."

-"American politicians are being extremely stubborn to the detriment of the American people and the alienation of their constituency. SHAME!"

-"Blocking aid to Somalia!? Where is your sense of humanity?Learn to separate the POLICY from the PEOPLE. Hunger has no allegiance. When entities block aid, I am CONVINCED they want the people to DIE. Gaza too!"

-"Humility, the breaking down of self...I think this virtue brings us closer to the Creator."

-"You were born with a light that the world needs to see, in order to confirm the light within themselves. Play your role."

-"Our interpretations will all lead to the same end. Learning from each other will make our journeys richer."

-"I am unapologetic for calling out the pathetic and requesting the energetic to speak in a voice gigantic."

-"I think the most success comes when you are acting within the channels of your true and most authentic self...any gains opposed to that are temporary and futile."

-"I think true power is measured by one's ability to restrain oneself from using it. Self-control. I live by the Ancient Greek axiom: Nothing in excess."

-"True friendship​ has little or no formality.​ "

-"We are missing the mark. We are too preoccupied with wallowing in our own greatness to notice the REAL issues at hand."

-"Self reliance is paramount. YOU are your own best advocate. Don't be left out in the cold when the purveyor's well runs dry!"

-"We show the breadth of human evolution in the ways we treat each other...Barbarism is alive and well right here in the modernity of the Western world."